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Octomore 4.2 Comus/167PPM has arrived!!

May 3rd, 2012 No comments



Islay scotch…for me, it has always conjured the sensations of a slow walk along the ocean at dusk. The first sip is like the cool touch of sea spray on my face; the swallow, like the fading heat of the sun as it terminates beyond the horizon. Hrmmm…i could really go for a dram about now…

But I digress.

I’ve always liked products that push the limits of their genre and the Octomore series from Bruichladdich is no exception. I do wonder just how far Mr. McEwan can push the phenolic volume of this series before we’re drinking pure iodine. Regardless, the peat in all the Octomores has been huge, distinct and unexpectedly elegant.  Is elegant peat oxymoron of sorts? Perhaps. But it illustrates the ability of deft balance to bridle the strongest of peats.

Comus is the latest special edition Octomore. It continues the theme of wine finishes begun by Orpheus. In Comus, we find a disparate pairing of characteristics. On the one hand we have Octomore 4 with it’s 167 PPM bringing waves of briny peat…on the other, former Chateau d’Yquem barrels imbued with sweet tropical fruit and acid to keep the sweetness from being too cloying.

I was lucky enough to have someone provide a bottle to sample and I can only say “Wow!” The last Octomore I had the pleasure to try was the second release, which was fantastic. The Comus was simply outstanding…the strangest part was how well the briny peat and rich d’Yquem married to each other. The nose has the signature Octomore characteristics…big peat…brine…leather…yet there’s more. The d’Yquem slowly reveals itself…showing beautiful fruit and honey. The palate does things in reverse…drawing you in with sweetness at the tip of your tongue then returning with a grassy peat. Man, this stuff is fantastic…it’s a smack in the face followed by a soft caresse…followed by another smack. It’s not right that it’s in a frosted white bottle…because it really deserves a leather studded bottle the way it plays with your senses.

Unfortunately, the Comus is going to be extremely limited…but if you happen to be in the neighborhood drop in @ Linwood Wine for a taste. I’d be happy to share this rare treat. I’ve got about 690ML left as of day 2….make that 640ML….


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Or-G Anyone?

January 11th, 2012 No comments

A blend of ultra premium French Vodka mixed with a combination of persimmon, papaya, mango, and lime.  An Or-G filled with these flavors is sure to be a delightful presence on the palette.

If you need a GOOD reason, here’s why: at only $24.99, it’s definitely worth a try!