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Octomore 4.2 Comus/167PPM has arrived!!

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Islay scotch…for me, it has always conjured the sensations of a slow walk along the ocean at dusk. The first sip is like the cool touch of sea spray on my face; the swallow, like the fading heat of the sun as it terminates beyond the horizon. Hrmmm…i could really go for a dram about now…

But I digress.

I’ve always liked products that push the limits of their genre and the Octomore series from Bruichladdich is no exception. I do wonder just how far Mr. McEwan can push the phenolic volume of this series before we’re drinking pure iodine. Regardless, the peat in all the Octomores has been huge, distinct and unexpectedly elegant.  Is elegant peat oxymoron of sorts? Perhaps. But it illustrates the ability of deft balance to bridle the strongest of peats.

Comus is the latest special edition Octomore. It continues the theme of wine finishes begun by Orpheus. In Comus, we find a disparate pairing of characteristics. On the one hand we have Octomore 4 with it’s 167 PPM bringing waves of briny peat…on the other, former Chateau d’Yquem barrels imbued with sweet tropical fruit and acid to keep the sweetness from being too cloying.

I was lucky enough to have someone provide a bottle to sample and I can only say “Wow!” The last Octomore I had the pleasure to try was the second release, which was fantastic. The Comus was simply outstanding…the strangest part was how well the briny peat and rich d’Yquem married to each other. The nose has the signature Octomore characteristics…big peat…brine…leather…yet there’s more. The d’Yquem slowly reveals itself…showing beautiful fruit and honey. The palate does things in reverse…drawing you in with sweetness at the tip of your tongue then returning with a grassy peat. Man, this stuff is fantastic…it’s a smack in the face followed by a soft caresse…followed by another smack. It’s not right that it’s in a frosted white bottle…because it really deserves a leather studded bottle the way it plays with your senses.

Unfortunately, the Comus is going to be extremely limited…but if you happen to be in the neighborhood drop in @ Linwood Wine for a taste. I’d be happy to share this rare treat. I’ve got about 690ML left as of day 2….make that 640ML….


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Join us on Thursday, November 3rd 4-7pm for a special ARDBEG ALLIGATOR tasting & see the Ardbeg CHOPPER!

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The Ardbeg Chopper will be roaring through Linwood Wine this Thursday 4-7pm!!

Join us this Thursday, November 3rd 4-7pm when the Ardbeg Chopper and Scotch Ambassador will be in Fort Lee. We will be pouring the entire Arbeg line including the LIMITED EDITION ARDBEG ALLIGATOR!!

Chances like this don’t come along often and Ardbeg Alligator is difficult to find, no less taste! Your faithful Linwood staff has once again pulled strings to get the Ardbeg Chopper Tour to make a pit stop at its shop in Fort Lee, NJ. Take a picture with the chopper…sip a singularly salacious scotch…and snag some Ardbeg at a special promotional price!

Hope to see you there!!

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The Linwood Wine BASH begins tomorrow!! 25% OFF ALL WINES AND FREE SHIPPING!!!

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Well, the time has come. Our biggest sale of the year! Three days only, November 1st – 3rd, we have marked EVERY wine 25% off retail AND provided a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING.

Unfortunately, If you haven’t signed up our e-mail, you won’t have access to the free shipping code. We will be sending out the FREE SHIPPING coupon code @ 12am, November 1st. We will continue to send the shipping code out to all new subscribers until 12am November 2nd.

The shipping coupon is single use only, so make that order count! Order one bottle or order 1000 bottles, the shipping is on us. The 25% off retail is no joke folks. We haven’t inflated prices to allow us to provide 25% off, we’ve simply marked everything down from regular retail pricing.
There’s not much else to say…EVERY wine marked down…FREE SHIPPING…think of it as a thank you for all your support.
Don’t miss this opportunity…I’m certain we won’t run a sale of this magnitude more than once a year…we can’t afford to lose that much!!!
What are you waiting for?? get to our website and start shopping while you can!!
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Quick and Tasty Sangria Recipe

July 3rd, 2011 No comments

Quck Down and Dirty Sangria

Sangria…I don’t know that I can think of a better summer wine for the masses. Fruity, easy drinking and refreshing but a bit of a project to put together. I can’t tell you exactly how many people have asked me for a  sangria recipe…I can only tell you I’ve been asked so many times I’ve got about 10 variations memorized. Just about every version involves chopping fruit and a mix of multiple libations.

I seem to get 2 reactions when I start laying out the recipe for a tasty sangria. I get the studious note taker, jotting down each step as if it were an integral part of a final exam, or the Million Mile Stare. I know it’s over once I get the stare and reach for the nearest bottle of prepared sangria…the only cure for the Million Mile Stare. I’ve always thought there had to be some happy medium…the ease of prepared, but the refreshing fizz of fresh made. It would seem serendipity had a solution in mind.

We’re always popping a bottle of something or another at the shop. As chance would have it, there happened to be an open bottle of Vina Borgia Garnacha open as I was sipping my Boylans Orange Soda. It’s a simple enough conclusion and a truly tasty one at that. Boylans Orange Soda and Vina Borgia Garnacha makes a helluva sangria with a cool fizz to cool the bones . It couldn’t be simpler.

1 part Vina Borgia Garnacha

1 part Boylans Orange Soda

The result is a purple hued potion that anyone is sure to enjoy. It’s customizable on the spot also! Like it sweeter and lighter? Add some more soda. Like it stronger and less sweet? Add a bit more wine. Either way, it’s 2 ingredients that you’d do well to have at any summer gathering. Finally, can we say affordable? A bottle or Vina Borgia is $6 bucks!! Combine that with 2 bottles of 12oz Boylans @ $1.75 each and you’re at a grand total of $7.50 for about 1.5 Liters of sangria goodness.

I hope you’ll give it a try…but if you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and I make you a bit to taste.

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Here we go…

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Our minds are always working hard trying to figure out what we can do to enhance our already great relationship with our many lovely customers…

We decided to give blogging a try and well… Here we are…


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