About Us

Our Mission

The enjoyment of wines and spirits is subjective. The experiences associated with wines and spirits are as diverse as the varieties that exist. At Linwood Wine & Liquor Company we make it our mission to marry your tastes and desired experience with the universe of products that are at our disposal. Communication is paramount in achieving this mission and we try to be available in every way possible. Call us. E-mail us. Drop in and visit us. But above all, utilize us.


Company History

Twin City was born in 1979 as Stillwell Liquors in Coney Island, New York. Over the next 10 years Mr. Lee developed both his own business and those of the vacant stores alongside his own. The neighborhood flourished, but Stillwell Liquors began to outgrow its roots.

In 1989, Stillwell Liquors moved to Jersey City, NJ and was renamed Twin City Liquors. Again, the business went through a growth spurt, and in 1997 Twin City Liquors went through another expansion to encompass over 6000 square feet and was renamed Twin City Fine Wines & Spirits.

In 2008, Twin City Fine Wines & Spirits opened it’s newest location in Fort Lee, NJ. The new store is 10,000 square feet of Wine, Spirit and Beer goodness. The Fort Lee store has been highly regarded for it’s wide selection of micro and import beers as well as a comprehensive selection of fine whiskeys from around the world.

Finally renamed Linwood Wine & Liquor Company with the opening of the new Fort Lee store, LinwoodWineCo.com was launched. The website features nearly every bottle available in store at aggressive web-only prices that are often the lowest in the country.

Linwood Wine & Liquor Company continues to grow and evolve…stay tuned.

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